How Do I Believe In Myself?

Maybe you have enough confidence to do your job, most of the time, enjoy friends and an intimate relationship but struggle to truly believe in you, to become more accomplished. The doubts constantly hover in your head for instance you say to yourself, I have never done that before why do I think it can work now? Or, Why would anyone believe I am capable of executing that project? However the main culprit is you! When you feel that way  it projects onto almost everything you do and try to do. There is a part of you that stops you in your tracks and  in continuing to think about a particular idea, job, relationship.  

So now what do you do?  Begin to try new things and find out you can actually be good at them, this begins to build more confidence and calms the self-criticism.  Somewhere along the line you didn’t learn confidence so now you need to build it in for yourself.  If you find you have a lot of negative static in your head daily meditation can help relax your mind since it helps you to focus on positive experiences.  A combination of psychotherapy, or psychoanalysis, meditation, yoga, these are all uplifting activities that work toward increasing confidence.

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