About Psychoanalysis

Many people wonder what psychoanalysis is. I have written the articles on this website, in hopes of making psychoanalysis more understandable.  It’s not a mystery! It is a personal journey that can remove roadblocks that drain your ambition, enjoyment and vitality.

Psychoanalysis is a “tried and true” form of mental health therapy that utilizes psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques – including intensive talking sessions – to “unlock” the underlying issues that are keeping an individual from living a happy and successful life.

Psychoanalysis explores:

  • forgotten events in early childhood that have affected a person’s development
  • inherited traits that impact a person’s development
  • irrational drives and behaviours that may be rooted in the person’s unconscious
  • “defense mechanisms” that may be preventing the person from recognizing negative patterns & moving forward
  • conflicts between the conscious and the unconscious, which can materialize in the form of mental or emotional disturbances, for example: neurosis, neurotic traits, anxiety, depression etc.

My practice has evolved over the years and I am always expanding my therapy credentials. Currently I am in my second year of analytic training to become an adult and child analyst here in Michigan.  I feel vitality and energy by continuing to learn and grow from the classes and programs I attend.  I also learn from each unique patient that I see while in training.

Psychoanalysis is a dynamic relationship between therapist and patient. If you are interested in a consultation to learn how psychotherapy can help you, please contact me. Or read through some of my articles, see what you think and let me know!

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