Couples Therapy

royal oak psychoanalystI offer psychotherapy based couples therapy, marriage counseling and relationship counseling for couples of all ages & orientations. For more than 30 years I have used my training to help couples learn to relate positively to each other, and live the best life that they can achieve as a couple.

As both a compassionate listener and a highly analytical therapist, I can help you – as a couple & individually – get to the underlying root of any emotional or psychological difficulties you may be experiencing. Then, together, we can put a plan in action to help you move toward a relationship filled with vitality, hope, joy and success.

I offer couples therapy & marriage counseling for issues stemming from:

  • Conflict, fighting or control issues
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, compulsions or fears
  • Child rearing differences and family issues
  • Anger management
  • Feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction with life, or being “stuck”
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Body issues and eating disorders
  • . . . and, most other emotional and psychological conditions

I utilize psychotherapy & psychoanalysis – which are “tried and true” forms of mental health therapy. Psychoanalysis utilizes psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques – including intensive talking sessions – to “unlock” the underlying issues that are keeping a couple from having a happy and successful relationship.

My practice has evolved over the years and I am always expanding my therapy credentials. Currently I am in my second year of analytic training to become an adult and child analyst here in Michigan. I feel vitality and energy by continuing to learn and grow from the classes and programs I attend. I also learn from each unique patient that I see while in training.

Psychoanalysis is a dynamic relationship between a therapist and her patients. If you are interested in a consultation to learn how psychotherapy can help you and your relationship, please contact me.

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