Our Emotional Health

How do we process our emotional lives now that we have lived in this Pandemic for over a year? Daily living is slowly having some normalcy however the overall experiences result in intense emotions, and feelings because the Pandemic has been traumatic for us especially after recovering from a number of tumultous political years. Maybe now we can catch our breath while vaccinations are available and being administered widely.

Trauma is usually somewhere in most of our lives, whether it’s emotional, physical, secondary, loss, and more and if this trauma is is not worked through, as in talked about we could become stuck in the trauma and not be able to fulfill our goals and ambitions. Stuck because trauma has a way of burying itself deep, our minds and bodies try to soften the blow and push it away even though we can not get rid of it. It becomes a part of our lives because we experienced that particular trauma or episodes of trauma. Psychoanalysis is the best choice for traumas that constantly interfere with our daily living, if we have fears or have high anxiety, or depressed moods, sometimes low and other times we can feel so energized or manic. At those times our psyche is trying to adapt and balance out all the feelings, emotions, memories and experiences that at one time were too overpowering so they became repressed. No one can deal with these types of mental states alone without having extremely difficult depressed episodes, sometimes people become suicidal, they feel so afraid and alone.

Psychoanalysis is the best choice seeing an analyst four times a week, and talking, sorting through your thoughts, experiences, feelings and emotions, making connections that have a deeper meaning in your life. Taking the disparate parts of your mind and making more sense, making a story, your story come to life. Life can change over time and you become stronger and more enthusiastic about your life, and find new ways of coping with the traumas. You are well worth taking the time and opportunity to give yourself a better life.

I’m Always Worried About What Other People Think.

Life can be challenging enough without worrying about what others think of you.  Everyone has a little of this type of worry however, some people have too much of it and can immobilizes them.  Decisions can be difficult or impossible if you wait to find out what others think first and base yours on what they want.  This results in  resentment building inside of you but you continue to feel compelled Continue reading