I’m Always Worried About What Other People Think.

Life can be challenging enough without worrying about what others think of you.  Everyone has a little of this type of worry however, some people have too much of it and can immobilizes them.  Decisions can be difficult or impossible if you wait to find out what others think first and base yours on what they want.  This results in  resentment building inside of you but you continue to feel compelled to do what someone else decides, to please them but not yourself.  It becomes a self-punishing kind of relationship since you are not  making decisions for yourself in fear that others will disapprove of you.  If you can take time to reflect you might  find that the feelings might actually be that you don’t accept yourself enough so these feelings get projected on to others.  The question now is, why do you feel this way about yourself?  Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis can help you sort out this question and all of the thoughts, feelings and experiences connected.

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