How Our Different Voices In Our Head Influence Us

How many times have you started out feeling excited about doing something and then another feeling hits you that makes you doubt your decision or makes you feel reluctant to go see friends or to visit a new restaurant?  It happens to everyone at times but it also holds us back from doing good things for ourselves.  Many patients I see express  this as  a reoccurring theme and it makes them miserable because they really don’t want this to happen.So, the next question is what can you do?  Important question and it oftentimes brings us to explore inward to find the answers.  There can be layers of feelings and emotions tangled in a, think of a rubber band ball, stuck together needing unraveling.  Sounds like an easy job maybe?  It’s actually quite challenging for the fact that  many of these feelings and emotions have opposite motivations.

For instance starting psychotherapy for yourself.  One day you might feel like yes, I’m going to do that for myself, I need to take care of myself and this is a good start.  The next few hours you may get into another feeling state that influences you to wait, or doubt your initial decision, and then you might not follow through.  So which one is the feeling state to follow?  I think it’s important to choose the one that will help you to take care of yourself better.  If you were thinking that therapy could be helpful to you I’m sure you had a good reason and  you are probably right.  Why would you wait?

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