Emotional Trauma

Trauma can derail your life but it doesn’t need to, by working on yourself everyday you can find calmness.  Past trauma can haunt us and make us feel like prisoners to it.  Memories, emotions, feelings, sounds, smells of past trauma can trigger us and immediately bring on intense levels of anxiety and panic.  Telling yourself that everything is ok doesn’t always work because the trauma is internalized inside of you.  It’s encapsulated as a traumatic experience and becomes active when something feels familiar to the trauma.  Many times this is an unconscious process, your mind is making the connections even though you’re busy working on a project or visiting with family or friends.  All of a sudden you feel awful, anxious and you don’t have any idea why.  Our brains have a way of hiding these thoughts, feelings and emotions deep inside of us until something stirs up the trauma again.  There is nothing wrong with you, it’s the trauma reactivating at moments you least expect it.  Patients tell me that they cannot understand where it was coming from or why.

As much as patients say they do not want to talk about it I tell them it’s necessary to help make it not so powerful and overwhelming.  It takes hard work, commitment, determination and courage to sort through it.  If it is interfering in your life I would say it is well worth talking to an experienced therapist/analyst to work on it, you are worth it.

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