What Voice is the Real Me?

Internal thoughts can begin to be a convoluted process when you feel compelled to do something a particular way, at the same time recognizing the action is not how you truly want to do it.  This is part of obsession and compulsion, feeling that you need or should do something and it becomes a dysfunctional pattern that is difficult to break.  These patterns of thinking and behavior develop over time from many life experiences.  There can be two different voices that contribute to the thoughts in the mind, one can be rigid, critical and demeaning while the other supportive, positive, and  free to express.  To feel overwhelmed and helpless is another feeling state that can be difficult to shift out of.  When stuck there it may seem like a forever kind of feeling however you can learn to transform old patterns, old coping mechanisms and change them into new more effective skills that work for you now.  It takes a little practice with consistent working through.  We are able to stretch our brain to do more with this exercise in change until it becomes second nature.  Yoga and meditation are good accompaniments!

Best Wishes for all the Holidays!

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