How Our Different Voices In Our Head Influence Us

How many times have you started out feeling excited about doing something and then another feeling hits you that makes you doubt your decision or makes you feel reluctant to go see friends or to visit a new restaurant?  It happens to everyone at times but it also holds us back from doing good things for ourselves.  Many patients I see express  this as  a reoccurring theme and it makes them miserable because they really don’t want this to happen. Continue reading

What Voice is the Real Me?

Internal thoughts can begin to be a convoluted process when you feel compelled to do something a particular way, at the same time recognizing the action is not how you truly want to do it.  This is part of obsession and compulsion, feeling that you need or should do something and it becomes a dysfunctional pattern that is difficult to break.   Continue reading

How Do We Live With Our Pain?

Almost all of us has had pain in our lives whether it is emotional, physical or both.  We grow up and hope that we can leave it all behind us or at least not let it bother us as much. We do have to acknowledge that painful experiences happened to us, that something changed us in the process and that it is difficult to just move on. Continue reading