What is Most Important to You?

Here we are in a different world on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day… a day that is usually celebrated by many.  Now the streets and bars and celebrations are quiet.  Most of us are home to work virtually with those we connect on a daily basis.  In my work as a psychotherapist this change, this surreal experience is still developing for all of us, we cannot really fathom what this means.  At the most basic level we need to connect, on a feeling and emotional level.  The world is changing by the second, the minute, and it’s become difficult to keep up especially in the medical crisis we are faced with.

There is a movement that is happening at the same time, the people, like us, yes different cultures and countries but we are all basically the same!  All over the world we are reaching out to connect, to be together.  The great thing is we can do this today we can share what’s happening from one city, country and territory to another to say hi and say we are all here together in this unsettling journey.  Take heed and take care of all that is dear to you.

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