How Do We Live With Our Pain?

Almost all of us has had pain in our lives whether it is emotional, physical or both.  We grow up and hope that we can leave it all behind us or at least not let it bother us as much. We do have to acknowledge that painful experiences happened to us, that something changed us in the process and that it is difficult to just move on. We might tell ourselves that we are strong we can live with it and be even stronger, which is true.  However it takes a good sorting through these experiences to develop a deeper understanding of who we are, where we came from and where  we want to go from here.  It sounds like strenuous  work and time consuming right?  It is and at the same time is very rewarding because you grow and learn about your life at many levels and it opens up an emotional and psychological freedom to do what you truly desire.

There will be a strong pull at times to go back to the old patterns that are familiar to you, this is expected, but in order for change to take place you need to stay with the positive voice inside of you that says you need to have your own life and that you deserve it.  Maybe the deserve it part doesn’t fit into your picture just yet but it can grow and become more of who you are today.


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