What We Tell Ourselves

We all have our own inner dialogues that go on constantly each day, each hour and minute.  It is our voice, thoughts and feelings and they either motivate us to move forward or  make us feel unsure or reluctant to make a decision.  Those inner dialogues are part of who we are, many years of experiences that have influenced us.  However we add to that inner talk as well.  We might perceive ourselves a certain way at times, although we know who we are today and what we truly want to do, even if we are slow to move in that direction.

These issues can be major for us, they stall us and make us think that maybe we really do not want to do this or that with our life.  This thinking makes us hide inside of ourselves, afraid to test the waters and take risks, healthy risks.  It might feel safer to hide who you really want to be out of a fear of being hurt or judged by family or friends.  Psychotherapy/Analysis is designed to bring all of these issues to the forefront eventually.  The work is about finding your true self and finding expression.

Depression and anxiety are a part of this, it hides who you really are, it does not feel safe to have an opinion, to have feelings and talk about them.  The inner dialogues can feel powerful and influence us to pull back and talk ourselves into thinking the opposite or not acting at all.  We become a shell of who we are and that is not living.

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