Perfectionistic Tendencies

Most of us have at least some perfectionistic tendencies but there are some people who really suffer from them. If you feel you are not good enough most of the time and no matter how well you do something you don’t think it is good, this is a problem and it hurts you. These negative thoughts and tendencies have roots in your history at some point, repeat themselves over and over again and make you feel as if you really are not good enough.  

This usually is not the reality, yes everyone makes mistakes and some days are better than others however, patients that I have seen with this problem are all intelligent, they function well at work usually, but they worry that their performance always falls short even when they get good reviews!   Relationships suffer and they choose someone (unconsciously) that they want/wish to help.  Mainly, they are very harsh on themselves, if they make mistakes they can be very critical and will punish themselves with extra chores, extreme workouts, overeating or not eating, and can continually think about the mistake/or perceived lack luster job they did and think about it over and over, which only makes them feel worse.  In short, they have much difficulty allowing themselves to be who they really want to be, to celebrate their talents, relationships, family, friends, work and enjoy life.

One thought on “Perfectionistic Tendencies

  1. This is true for me. I’m also very judgmental towards myself, which I feel goes hand in hand with my perfectionist tendencies. I never realized just how bad it is until my therapist made me aware of how harsh I am with myself. Now I’m trying to practice more self care and compassion. It’s not easy to break out of, but every little step counts.

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