Children With Special Needs

Parents worry when their toddler doesn’t learn when most of the other children are finding words and sentences to express themselves. As an example Morrey is very busy and is easily frustrated but can’t say what he wants or feels, Melissa stays to herself, rarely talking or interacting, Adam runs around smiles and talks to himself, and Sara is quiet and has difficulty with transitions.  These symptoms interfere with their learning and interacting with peers, family and friends and with their self-esteem.
These children are either slower learners or perhaps on the Autistic Spectrum, which means they struggle to express themselves using words, so they might make sounds, grunts, pout and lash out from frustration.  Parents become stressed when the daycare or pre-school they signed their child up with soon  and we can’t seem to find a pre-school or kindergarten that will accept them.  This is a clear signal that more intervention is necessary such as an evaluation by a specialist in early learning, and it might be important to find a therapeutic pre-school/kindergarten that will support the child’s needs.  These schools are staffed with trained professionals, as in three to four staff to about 6 or 8 children.  If you live in Michigan in the Oakland Count  area, I would recommend ‘Walnut Lake Pre-School’ on Walnut Lake Road.  Most children will learn and grow and be able to move into first grade on time.




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