How Does Therapy Work?

Therapy is a professional relationship between a patient and a therapist for purposes of exploring how one’s life became unhappy, or unmanageable, or dysfunctional, etc.  If these patterns continue, depression sets in or it could be that depression and anxiety came first and then life became very unhappy, etc.  Whatever the order life can get mixed up, difficult, exhausting and very sad and painful.

People usually call me at this point in their life, when things just keep going in a dysfunctional pattern and they can’t seem to stop it and there’s no understanding of why it keeps happening.   There is no book that can tell you what to do, unless it’s a problem that doesn’t require deeper understanding, then brief therapy or books can be very helpful.  When the problem is ongoing and very difficult, you need to dig deeper and its important to have a therapist to go on the journey with you.  My training helps me to listen between the words so to speak, to hear what your not saying, and to support you in your inward travels to become more of the person you want to be.

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