Young Adults

The transition from high school to college or to the work world is a huge change in a young adult’s life.  Sometimes it means moving away to college, leaving friends and family, embarking on a new adventure in life.  Adapting to an entirely new environment can be overwhelming at first, practically everything in their life has changed.   Feelings and emotions have quite an impact when one is juggling so many things!  Depending on how each young adult experienced the family they grew up with, and what they learned, it can be the difference between making a healthy decision and one that is risky.

Coping abilities and skills are also crucial, it will determine how they deal with all the changes. Usually there will be an increase in anxiety, stress and a lack of self-confidence until they find their own niche.  The good news is stress and anxiety, like depression can become more manageable over time.  Therapy can help when the stress and anxiety continues and interferes with daily functioning.

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