Hope & Growth Through Psychotherapy

Are you thinking about what you want to do in your personal and professional life? Psychotherapy can help you put a plan into action! Psychotherapy can also help you understand why you feel the way you do – and soon you begin to feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Read more to learn how Psychotherapy can help you feel more vitality, more hope, and more joy in life!

Spring is not only a time for nature to bloom, it’s also a time we can think more about what we want to do in our personal and professional lives.  Change occurs each and every day, and minute so we need to take heed, think of our ideas, our passions and put them into conceptualized parts or segments that we can put into action.  Talk to people, tell them what you want to do, what you’re working on and it could produce resources for you and for them.  Psychotherapy can be like that, people come in with problems not knowing what to do or how to understand why they feel the way they do and then after some time they begin to feel like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders, they feel more vitality, more hope, more joy in life.

Analysis is even another step to helping yourself, it’s more intensive (more days a week, 4 to 5) and yes it’s a commitment and cost but it increases the hope, vitality and joy, lessens the sadness and anxiety, and makes the work move in a faster pace.

I am currently a first year Candidate at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute in Farmington Hills, MI, training to be an analyst so I’m also in analysis myself.  I’m in the integrated program which means I’m training to become a child/adolescent and an adult analyst. A very intensive program with likeminded professionals from varied backgrounds such as education, medicine, law, anthropology, philosophy, administration and more.  This is what makes the program unique and important, you get a full background of ideas, thoughts and experiences to learn from and to make new connections with and of course to help you understand your patients better.  Candidates need to have a Masters degree and beyond to be accepted into the program so it’s not for those just starting out.

Am I selling analysis?  Yes, absolutely!  I know that it works and is one of the most helpful ways of helping others and it can be affordable too, many analysts slide their fees – so just ask.  If you have any interest in analysis please contact me, I’ll be in training for the next four years, I would be happy to answer your questions.