Moving Beyond Our Dysfunctions

Everyone internalizes their family of origin’s history. While some of it is positive, unfortunately some is negative. When it feels like you can’t move beyond some of the familiar negative thoughts, experiences, behaviors and dysfunction from your past, then you’re stuck.  To move yourself beyond this, you need to process and sort it all out.  

Writing poetry, stories, songs, and books, to name a few ways and having people you feel very connected to is essential in order to do this.

One very important part of this is your ability to let others in, can you allow people to get emotionally close to you?  Sounds easy but it isn’t for everyone and for some it can be painful, frightening and anxiety provoking.  If you build emotional walls around yourself, to keep people at a distance, you will be isolated within and feel more alone.

Maybe at one time you needed to do this to protect yourself but now you’re here, now, not in the past.  Live in the present, do the things you enjoy, develop new projects, look for the emergence of Spring, it’s a hopeful way to begin.  Find people you are comfortable with and try to begin to trust them more and more, and it can bring you true joy and vitality!