The Positive Thoughts vs The Negative Thoughts

We can go about our lives, day to day, at our jobs, with family, doing our daily chores and we usually have an ongoing dialogue that follows us in our heads.  Some people have a more positive slant to their thoughts and feelings, others have more negative.  Since we are all built differently, have had various influences, there can be times where the negative thoughts and feelings overpower the positive ones and it can be challenging to push through the negativity to find a more balanced thought process.

Usually these thought processes have been with us a long time and they get in the way of our daily lives.  Some people suffer from the negativity more than others but either way, it can take emotional and psychological work to keep them from being overwhelming.  The work involves sorting through the thoughts and feelings, trying to identify where they are coming from, and to put them into a more realistic perspective.  It takes a lot of practice if the negativity tends to be stronger much of the time.

Try to get some feedback from someone you know and trust, to check out some of these negative thoughts and feelings, they can help to provide realistic perspective.  Then, try to focus on your positive attributes, your strengths, passions, and talents, and think of people who are close to you and remember the positive things they say or have said about you.  Read about self-esteem and learn ways to improve it such as the use of positive self-talk and positive thinking. Overall, it will take ongoing thinking, sorting through and challenging these thoughts and feelings to be able to change them.

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